Day 11 - More OOP Javascript on Codecademy and some typography


I did “Introduction to Objects II” on Codecademy. Didn’t finish it (17/30). I learnt about objects, classes, methods and prototypes. 


I went through “Interactive Guide to Blog Typography" which was a very interesting and enlightening guide. Here are the key points that I learnt from it (though you should go and have a look for yourself)

  1. Don’t have distracting elements next to text
  2. 50-80 characters per line 
  3. Headers have a bigger font and less spaces between lines (line height of 1.1)
  4. Body text usually has a line height of 1.5
  5. Don’t have too many fonts; a serif, sans-serif combination is good

There’s so much more!!! Go and check it out for yourself!

Note: I got the typography link from this Medium article by John Canelis